The Best Beer Bars In NYC, The Worldwide Travel Blog, did a profile on the Best Beer Bars in NYC yesterday, and Burp Castle was, of course, one of them! They had some nice things to say about us, although some of the details are not 100% accurate:

Burp Castle has a hilarious name, but it also has a mind-boggling selection of Belgian beers. The idea of the place is that you’re entering a holy environment, a “temple … of beer worship,” and you should drink and act accordingly. You’ll find dark wooden “pew” booths, large oil paintings, Gregorian chants, and robed servers speaking in passionate yet hushed tones about the more than 500 beers on offer. It’s a small space that gets crowded quickly, so arrive early and maintain patience at all times. Your beer prayers will be answered.

Check out the full post here.

Cheers, and thanks!


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