Duvel Green Draft was on Tap.

Yes, Duvel Green Draft is on tap at Burp Castle but don’t expect the Duvel you know from the bottle. Duvel Green Draft is the only version of Duvel that is kegged, and is a totally different beast. Michel Moortgat explains it best to BeerAdvocate.com:

We in the brewery have enjoyed for decades the fresh, light taste of the ‘single-fermented’ Duvel, and we have traditionally cold-filtered and bottled a small portion of this beer for sale, but only at the brewery and a few selected locations in Belgium. The beer was labeled with a green label, as the nickname ‘kleine’ Duvel (or ‘Green’ Duvel) was used to describe the beer taken at a young stage of the brewing process of Duvel.

When BeerAdvocate asks: “Is this Duvel Green on draft the same beer as the classic bottle conditioned Duvel? , and Moortgat responds:

Yes and No. Duvel and Duvel Green are both brewed in the same installations, using the same ingredients (water, two-row summer malts, Saaz and Styrian Golding Hops) but as explained Duvel undergoes a second fermentation in the bottle while Duvel Green is cold filtered and packaged in kegs.

Duvel Green is certainly not a new beer, yet clear differences do exist between classic Duvel and Duvel Green in bottle or in keg.

The ‘classic Duvel’ is a sophisticated, full-flavored and aromatic Belgian Golden Ale, with clean, refined, silky sweet dry taste, while a ‘Duvel Green’ on draft has a gentle hoppiness, soft carbonation, and a subtle, smooth dryness with hints of fruitiness. The beer is not refermented, but is does have young Duvel flavors emerging from the first fermentation.

Two separate beers, yet from the same family. Familiar taste characteristics, but clearly different.

Duvel Green weighs in at 6.8% ABV (compared to 8.5% of the bottled Duvel). Stop in soon and try it for yourself. For more on Duvel Green from Beeradvocate.com and Mr. Moortgat click here.



**Duvel Green kicked last night (11/12/08).  We will let you know when a new keg goes on.  I hope some of you Burp fans got to try it.


One Response to “Duvel Green Draft was on Tap.”

  1. so there is no possebility to get Duvel on a draft?

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