3/28/15 Bar update

Hey Gang,

We found out today our building has be deemed structurally sound by the City inspectors. Yay! But before we can reopen, it’s our understanding the street debris must cleared and a sidewalk shed erected for the safety of pedestrians. So… it might be another couple days. We’ll keep you posted. Check back often and we’ll see you all soon.


The Burp Castle Crew


8 Responses to “3/28/15 Bar update”

  1. Edward Brancato Says:

    Great News! See you soon!

  2. Close call. Everyone is in my thoughts, hope to see you all again soon.

  3. So glad all is okay!

  4. This is good to hear. Good luck and look forward to when you reopen. Thanks for the update. ~G

  5. Diana Utech Says:

    if you need free help to clean anything up or just to get things ready
    for your reopening please reach me
    down below on your log in
    new york city home brew guild member

    • Thanks Diana!

      Just a little dusty. We should be able to manage., greatly appreciated though! We’re now just waiting on the mandatory vacate order to be lifted on the building so we can head on in and open up!

      See you soon,

  6. We shall be there for a celebratory drink! Saint-Louis Peche???

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