4/6/15 Update

Hey Gang,

Just an update. We got into the bar today and everything is just fine. A little dusty but nothing monstrous with which to contend. 

But… The police tape is still up so… We can’t open quite yet. We are hoping for sometime this week. As usual, we’ll update when we know. Hang in there and that Belgian beer will be flowing again in no time! 

See you soon,

The Burp Castle Crew


4 Responses to “4/6/15 Update”

  1. Thanks for the update!!!
    This is great news. I hope you guys can re-open as fast as possible!
    I lived for a month in one of the apartments above the Burp Castle.
    I hope that the residents are all fine.

  2. A horrible accident with shocking loss of life – glad the bar is OK.

  3. Glad to hear you guys will be making a comeback! Great to hear the bar is intact! See you soon!

  4. Not to diminish the destruction that happened so close to you, but I’m very glad that you guys were able to reopen. I don’t live in NYC any more, but your bar was an integral part of my NYC experience back when I did. I’d be sad to come back to NYC and not be able to stop in at Burp for a beer.

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