about the bar

Burp Castle NYC is a Belgian beer bar in the East Village of Manhattan. We are the “Temple of Beer Worship.”

Although the bartenders in the 90’s did wear Monk’s robes this isn’t the case now(on occasion you will find a robed barkeep).  We still try to keep the bar conversation friendly (don’t take it personally if we “shoosh” you). I think it was said best on Yelp! by former Burp Castle NYC head bartender (and still occasional bartender):

“No, I’m not turning up the music, or changing it to what you remember from ten years ago. The monks didn’t go anywhere, because those dudes weren’t monks. It’s Manhattan, things change. Be happy about the things that have endured, like the beer. It’s delicious. Let me tell you about it; we’ll find the one you’ve been looking for.

I’ve tended to this bar for three years now, and I know what the regulars want. They get it. We shush so you can hear each-other, or hear yourself think. You nerds, scientists, artists, writers, engineers, lovers, foodies, drinkers, sweet-talking pretty things, makers, doers, thinkers, you all have so much to say to each other. You’re not angry- so you shouldn’t have to yell. This is a quiet neighborhood bar.

Yelling would make your throat sore, and then the beer wouldn’t taste its best. We bring in the best beer that can be found, for you, stranger. Beer is best paired with good conversation, is best paired with people who can appreciate it. You, come by sometime.

Are you thirsty? Try this. It’s perfect. The people here are marvelous. The beer is poured without haste, with great satisfaction. The murals are all the conversation starter you’ll ever need. The tap will change when the keg is kicked, so come soon, while everything is exactly like it is. Perfect.” —Rachel

If you are in the East Village stop in…the beer and the conversation are fine.

Burp Castle NYC is located at 41 East 7th Street between Cooper Square and 2nd Ave in the East Village of New York City.

If you need to call us: 212-982-4576

For Parties and other inquiries: garyg0929@aol.com

We Open at:

5pm Monday thru Friday


4pm Saturday and Sunday


The Burp Castle Staff

2 Responses to “about the bar”

  1. Hi there,

    I love your bar, but you need videos for “about us tab”
    You have so much history why not capture it and put on your website

    We did this http://youhere.com/page/blowfish.
    you can also see other resturants.

    just a thought
    nina churchill

  2. I really like the theme of your bar, but i’ve notice that the last few times i’ve been there, you guys were not playing any classical music nor the gregorian chants. I miss them:(
    Please let me know if you have a specific day or time when you actually play them, thank you.

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