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GO VOTE! and then come to Burp Castle (and Standings!)

Posted in News and Events with tags , , on November 3, 2008 by burpcastle

After you Vote tomorrow make your way to Burp Castle. We will have NPR Election coverage on the Radio all night (starting at 7pm)! and if you want to see what is going on via CNN you can pop next door and grab a wonderful domestic craft brew at Standings (43 E. 7th Street) and take it in on the big screen. Our good friends at Standings sent out this email to let us know about their event:

Join us this TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4TH (from 6 PM) for our ELECTION ’08 PARTY!!! (CNN COVERAGE WITH SOUND).We’ll have brews representing each candidate such as the SIXPOINT HOP OBAMA and ROGUE OLD CRUSTY. Ideally, HILLARY CLINTON will be on hand to pour the HOP OBAMA in a true showing of party unity. We have also extended an invitation to JOE WURZELBACHER to serve the OLD CRUSTY, however, his STAFF informed us that he will be applying for a plumbers license that evening (apparently it’s what REAL AMERICANS do on Election Night)…

I don’t know how you fall politically, but most of us are hoping this elections goes one way and not the other. Hopefully we will be celebrating.